Boosted Board Bluetooth Tests

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I used the Web Bluetooth API to make this stuff using their examples. It works with Chrome browsers on Android, Chrome OS, MacOS, and Windows 10.

Sets ride mode to eco mode. Tested and working
Write name changes the nickname of the board to whatever you wrote in the text area. Tested and working. Seems like there is a acceptable limit of name lengths. If the name is too long the board doesnt store anything
Check unknowns is used for other people to test their board and report to me their findings. I need info about boosted beams, stealth boards, boards with newer firmware, minis, v2+, plus and singles. Basically anything other than a V2 dual.

New Board name

Live Output

Copy and paste what you get in the log and send me an email with subject starting with "Boosted Results" to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.