What is venutech.ca?

This domain started off as an online storefront for a new and innovative business venture (a long, long time ago). It has now become an accumulation of different projects in different fields of work. Over time I feel as though I have become my projects, my work and my hobbies.
I have become Venutech. This site is both about me and a part of me.
I identify as a Fixatron. Manufactured in 1985.
I dont want that to seem divisive; you can be a fixatron, too! Dont get up. Here: I knight thee, traveler of the galaxy, an honorary FIXATRON.
That being said, I'm allowing this domain to be an extension of my brain. It will consist of the things that I find entertaining, interesting or important reads, event planning and content I've created. These things will be stored here so that I can externalize the existance of its memory, an extension drive for my personal memory. I have my phone for contact information, for obvious reasons, but I will externalize as much as I can here so I have more storage space in my organic brain. Thereby, allowing more working space until we all get a cyberbrain upgrade to share information.

It's getting more and more difficult to find enough time. One way to economize on time is to find a likeminded partner and share a memory to maximize on having shared experiences. Even still, it's getting harder to find time to spend with others. It seems only natural to make a partner of our electronic devices and external memories. I wouldn't be at all surprized if we directly linked to some of these external electronic memories as humans begin to cybernetically augment themselves to become cyborgs. Forget daily medication, regular maintenance and upgrades may be an eventuality.