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This is all I have for now; a place to externalize the information that I dont need everyday but can quickly be referenced here. Essentially, this is an external part of my brain. I would likewise suffer the same symptoms of memory loss if I were to lose this information since I'm relying on this all being here, wherever "here" is. This is part of my process to externalize my memory to eventually cybernetically enhance myself into a functional cyborg. Although, this will all be dust in the cosmic wind if I don't pay my web hosting bill.
The quest for immortality continues.



I will never play the french horn. Others can play it, I refuse to touch one.
Logins to note: FL Studio:venutech.ca@gmail.com
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Akaipro.com: venutech.ca@gmail.com

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PS3Mtl blog is a place where I've posted ongoing projects and related content in the past.


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