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Katakana Quiz

I made this Katakana quiz for myself and others who want to learn more about reading and writing in Japanese.
Its a simple game made mostly in javascript. This quiz requires you to type in the phonetic or romanji equivaent to the character or kana shown.
I would like to add some detailed information on some of the characters with the hint. I would also like the correct answer flash briefly on the image before showing the following kana. Other than that its a complete Katakana learning game. Emjoy and let me know if there's anything i've missed. I want to make a Hiragana quiz next, wouldnt take very long. I just need the images of the kana and I could have it finished in a few min. It was alot of work making those images so I'm not sure when I'll get around to doing that. If someone out there can help that would be awesome! 🛸

Information on Katakana

Read more about Katakana from wikipedia
Full list of Katakana in Unicode Standard
Full list of Japanese Syllables in Katakana script
Here is a chart of all Katakana characters, also known as kanas.

Katakana Kana Chart

This image is of the graphical relation to Kanji.

Katakana Kana Chart

Here is a chart with additional sounds with combinations of Katakana characters.

Katakana Kana Chart Katakana Kana Chart Katakana Kana Chart

Katakana as it relates to hiragana.

Katakana Kana Chart