This page is dedicated to documenting my travels to Japan.
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Update Feb 24, 2019: Wow, its been a while since I've made any updates. Well, I'm in Japan. I've been here since Feb 19th. I got here around 5pm locat time and left canada Feb 18th at 1:35pm. It was a 12 hour flight but the time difference of +14 hrs turned it into a 26 hour trek up over the arctic and back down to Japan. What a weird flight path, but I got here relatively quick. Its been an eventful few days.
On the 19th I arrived, got my JR pass, took the monorail to Tokyo station. Walked around and saw a few places to eat, but i was not nearly confident enough to approach any of them; I wanted starbucks. So after wandering both sides of the station, I jumped back on the JR rail to Shinagawa. The lights and signs right outside of the station were pretty attractive so I walked around and this is when I first discovered what all the small alley-ways had to offer. Again, not confident to go inside. I also had my backpack, my laptop bag and a bag from roots with my shoes and underwear that was tearing at the seams from stuffing tea bags into it from the Maple leaf lounge in Toronto (Oh yeah, I guess that was part of the journey, too,eh? I'll get to that later...) So there I was, completely burnt out and I had only arrived in Shinagawa. Found a starbucks and sat down with the short espresso, although I ordered it long, wasnt going to complain. After doing a couple loops of the same side of the station I decided to head to where I was staying in Yokohama. Off I went, got a Suica card for the Keikyu Main Line, cause my stop was at Koganecho. I think I got off at Yokohama station from the JR line from Shinagawa and took the Keikyu line from there. Memory is already fuzzy but I think it only costed 134En. Got to the part of town I was staying in and wandered around in the dark for a few hours, then to my bed and passed out like a sack of peeled bananas. Next morning I was up early and trekked to Sakuragicho station for Starbucks. \.. TBC
Update Feb 3, 2019: I'm writing this on Feb 3rd, just 2 weeks before I take off. I am still getting ready and trying to pack light and think simple. I just bought myself a new Midi controller to compose music with on the go, Akai mpk mini MK2 Special Edition
Doesnt the Japanese flag look exactly like a record button?

Japan Flag is a Record Button Japan Flag is a Record Button